The Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) is the peak professional body for financial planning in Malaysia. It is a not-for profit organization with the twin mission of continuously professionalizing the industry and educating the public on the importance of financial planning.

It administers the Certified Financial Planner® certification and the Islamic Financial Planner qualification programs, both of which are recognized by the Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia for licensing purposes.

FPAM has more than 40 Charter and Corporate members, many of whom are among the most established financial institutions in their sector. It has its headquarters in the federal capital of Kuala Lumpur which provides a focus for business networking and professional development activities for more than its 8,000 members. FPAM is an affiliate member of the international organization, Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd..


The objectives of the Association includes:

  • to establish a professional self-regulatory organisation to benefit the public by fostering professional standards in financial planning
  • to introduce the concepts of financial planning to practitioners and other related professionals in the financial services industry
  • to develop practice standards for the profession in Malaysia
  • to establish open dialogues with financial services entities and encourage them to adopt ethics, education and practice standards for their representatives
  • to develop strategic partnerships with consumer groups to promote the importance of financial planning
  • to promote and assist academia in establishing a knowledge base for financial planning in Malaysia
  • to strengthen cooperation with the international Financial Planning Standards Board and other national affiliates to develop cooperative policies that promote the CFP certification as the globally recognized standard of excellence for financial planners


To establish financial planning as a recognized profession through the promotion of excellence in financial planning for the benefit of all Malaysians


To educate the public in the process and benefits of financial planning and to raise the standards of competency and ethical practice of qualified financial planners in Malaysia.



The FPAM’s Board of Governors is made up of a President, Deputy President, two Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and up to 14 Board Members. The Board of Governors is supported by the Board of Membership Affairs (”BOMA”) and Board of Certification & Standards (”BOCS”).

A third of the Certified Members and Charter Member representatives who are members of the Board of Governors shall retire biennially by rotation pursuant to paragraph 8.5 of the Constitution.

The BOMA is supported by 3 Committees: Marketing & Public Relations Committee, Industry Services Committee and the Membership Development Committee.

The BOCS is supported by 3 Committees: Standards & Professional Review Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Education & Examination Committee.

to establish financial planning as a recognized profession through the promotion of excellence in financial planning for the benefit of all Malaysians