Privacy Statement
FPAM is bound by, and committed to supporting, Malaysian laws and regulations.
The aim of FPAM is both to support and to ensure that it complies with the
laws introduced to strengthen privacy protection for the general public. This
Statement addresses any potential concerns you may have about the purposes
for which personal information you provide to FPAM is collected and to whom
this information will be disclosed.
Collection of Personal Information
The purpose of collecting this information from you is to determine your
eligibility for CFP certification offered by FPAM and to enable FPAM to
assess, approve or refuse your application and ability to become certified.

Failure to provide full and complete information may result in a limited
ability or willingness on the part of FPAM to assess or approve your
application for certification.

Use & Disclosure of Personal Information
If your application is accepted, the information that you provide will be
used by FPAM to offer and provide services to you and other members of FPAM

FPAM may also use the information you provide for administrative, planning
and reporting purposes in connection with the provision of services offered
by FPAM and the compilation or analysis of statistics relevant to the
financial planning industry and the education requirements of financial
planning professionals. We may also publish results on the Internet.

In addition to universities and other educational service providers that are
affiliated with or support the provision of educational services offered by
FPAM, FPAM may disclose information that is collected or otherwise obtained
from you to

Governmental Agencies
Those who maintain and update our database
Those who assist with mail-outs
Those who deliver educational and other
services to FPAM members

FPAM will not otherwise, without your consent, use or disclose your personal
information for any purpose unless it would reasonably be expected that such
purpose is related to the offer, provision and improvement of FPAM services
and benefits to you or where such purpose is permitted or required by law.
In accordance with the Malaysian local spam laws, should you wish to
unsubscribe from commercial electronic messages from FPAM, all future
commercial electronic messages from FPAM will enable you to unsubscribe from
that particular type of electronic message from FPAM and this can be done at
any time. If you do not unsubscribe, FPAM will continue to send you relevant
information of the types described above. FPAM may also use messaging methods
other than email.

Access to Personal Information
You may at any time request access to or amend the personal information that is
collected or otherwise held or acquired by FPAM in relation to you, by
contacting 03-79549500.
Use of third party services
Occasionally, third parties may provide services to us and may require access to
your Personal Data. In those circumstances, those third parties shall be
required to enter into an agreement with us containing terms no less
stringent than those found in this Policy and to process your Personal Data
solely in accordance with our instructions.
Retention of Personal Data
Personal data you provide to FPAM will be retained only for such period as
may be necessary for the carrying out of the purposes referred to in the
Policy or as otherwise specified at the time of collection
Changes to the Privacy Statement
FPAM reserves the rights to vary or amend the Policy at any time at our sole
discretion without prior notice. Any variations or amendments shall take
effect upon posting of the updated version on the Website