CEO Message (July 2020)

Dear Members 

We trust that all of you are keeping safe and well as we come to the end of our RMCO and restrictions are being removed stage by stage.  Nevertheless, it still pays to be careful especially for those who are immunosuppressed, with aged relations and/or young children at home.

What has changed?  Here is the new normal for the FPAM service level.  We ask for your understanding and cooperation as we all adjust to the new normal.

FPAM will continue to operate with staff working on rotation.  This is expected to go on until the end of the year unless situations improve tremendously.   If you have any enquiries, please drop an email as follows:

1.      Exams & membership matters: attention: EER Team

2.      Workshops & events matters: attention: CEE Team

3.      Payment matters: attention: FAIT Team

4.      Multiple matters: attention: ML Team

5.      IFP matters: Attention: IFP Team

Our teams are able to attend to your emails when they WFH and you will get a faster response than calling as the person who took your call earlier may not be in the office the next time you call.  

Online CEW will continue as it gives an opportunity to members staying in the outskirts to attend with minimal expenses.  It will be an eAGM as we work with the Board on dates and logistics.  We are planning for an on-ground Symposium in October 2020.  Stay tuned for more details.   

The EER team is working fast to pilot online CFP exams so that our members can complete their CFP certification programme.  This is to protect candidates and staff from exposure to unnecessary infection risks.   If successful, we will work on having more such exams.  We need our members who are sitting for exams to cooperate with the guidelines provided as the online invigilation will be different from on-ground exams with invigilators. 

There is no on-ground FPSB Global Meeting, so we have more web-based meetings so that we are still in touch with global changes in the financial planning profession.

And, to end this message, I would like to wish all Muslim members Selamat Hari Raya Haji and happy holidays to all members come month-end.

Best regards

Linnet Lee, CFP CERT TM, IFP┬«

Chief Executive Officer
Financial Planning Association of Malaysia
Unit 305, Block A, Phileo Damansara I, Jln 16/11,off Jalan Damansara,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan  
Tel: 03-7954 9500      Fax:03-7954 9400