What the Certification mark means

Consumers currently face many challenges in managing their personal finances. The responsibility for retirement planning is slowly shifting from the government and employers to the individual. Job security is no longer a guaranteed matter, the variety and complexity of financial products is increasing and the volatile global stock markets have left many consumers feeling confused. The need for professional advice in such an atmosphere is great, but greater still is the consumers’ need for assurance that the professionals whom they have chosen are suitably qualified and competent. As consumer demand for qualified advice grows, the field of financial planning, in which poor performance on the part of the practitioner can lead to significant harm to the consumer, must embrace professional certification if it is to be taken seriously as a profession. Professional certification connotes competency, occupational experience, and adherence to standards of practice. For consumers to accept financial planning practitioners as qualified, trustworthy professionals, they must be provided with an easily-identifiable, objective means of measuring the practitioners’ experience, education, professional competence and ethical standards. The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification process serves that purpose by defining what a financial planning professional is, establishing standards of professional practice and creating a “mark of quality” that consumers can recognise and to which practitioners can aspire.


FPAM therefore seeks to provide the certification framework for the financial planning industry in Malaysia. FPAM oversees the administration of the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and Associate Financial Planner Malaysia certification process and grants to qualified individuals the right to use the CFPCERT TM and AFPM marks.
The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER or CFPCERT TM certification marks are granted to individuals who have acquired technical competency as well as practical experience, enabling them to write a comprehensive and detailed financial plan for a client.