Benefits of AFPM Qualification

  • Immediate recognition from clients, peers and employers.
  • Eligibility criteria means only a selected few are privileged to hold this designation.
  • Provides a good starting point for professionals who have the necessary skill sets and knowledge but who are not CFP CERT TM certificants.
  • Provides an interim designation while you are undergoing the CFP CERT TM certification programme.
  • Become an Associate Member of FPAM and enjoy many benefits, including access to in-house news letters, continuing education events, seminars and conferences.

Privileges of being an Associate Member (AFPM)

  • AFPM members are entitled to use the AFPM designation in his or her business cards.
  • Complimentary copies of “4E Journal”, FPAM’s publication exclusively for members.
  • Special rates to attend continuing education programs including seminars, forums, conferences and luncheons.
  • Invitations to networking events and industry related gatherings.
  • Library services and Internet access at FPAM’s office.