Education and Examination

Q1. Do you have to pass just one module to earn the CFP mark or several modules over a period of time?

You have to pass all the 4 modules in order to become a Certified member. However, exemptions are granted to individuals who have certain academic qualifications. Please contact FPAM if you require further information on the grant of exemptions.

Q2. What is the format of the examinations for CFP certification program?

Module 1 to 3 consists of 75 multiple choice questions to be completed in 3 hours.
Module 4 comprises of 2 papers. Paper 1 is a 60 multiple choice questions paper to be completed in 3 hours and Paper 2 is an essay styled case study question paper to be completed in 3 hours.

Q3. Is there a time frame to complete each module?

There is no fixed time frame and the examinations are conducted once every 6 months.

Q4. Is there a time frame to complete all the 4 modules?

There is no fixed time frame. Modules 1 to 3 must be completed before you are eligible to attempt Module 4. A candidate can attempt Modules 2 to 3 in any sequence.

Q5. What is the shortest time frame to complete all the 4 modules?

The shortest time frame required is 12 months.

Q6. If I fail a module, is there a re-sit and what is the time frame for a re-sit?

There is no time frame to re-sit an examination. You are just required to register for the module that you failed in. You can register for the next available examination sitting.

Q7. If I have to re-sit a module, do I pay just the exam fees or the do I need to pay the course fees as well?

If you need to re-sit a module, you are required to register for the next examination and pay the exam fees. Please check with the Education Provider on course fees if you wish to attend additional revision classes.

Q8. Is there a refund on course fees if I decide to discontinue a module?

Please refer to the approved Education Providers for their registration policies.

Q9. When are the CFP certification examinations held?

The examinations are held twice a year. Please check the FPAM website for the dates of the examinations.

Q10. How do I register for the CFP certification examinations?

You can contact either FPAM directly or any of the Education Providers for the registration forms which should be duly completed and submitted to FPAM or the Education Provider.

Q11. Who are the Education Providers approved by FPAM to conduct the CFP certification program?

Please refer to the section on Education Providers on our website for the list of Education Providers and their contact details.

Q12. Have the Education Providers been approved by the relevant authorities?

The provision of education is undertaken by suitably qualified Education Providers duly approved by FPAM. Approval is granted by FPAM subject to the Education Providers having fulfilled certain requirements such as:

i. Having an established track record in the field of education
ii. Capable of teaching the CFP certification program
iii. Employment of professional academic and support staff to ensure comprehensiveness of programs
iv. Adherence to all of FPAM’s rules and regulations

Q13. Do the Education Providers charge the same for the course?

The approach of the independent Education Providers in providing the CFP certification course may differ slightly, depending on their methodology and course materials but in compliance with the syllabus determined by FPAM. The fees for the courses are set by the Education Providers within the range approved by FPAM.

Q14. How do I register any complaint or grievance that I may have with the Education Providers?

You may write to FPAM stating details of the case to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Financial Planning Association of Malaysia
Unit 305, Block A, Phileo Damansara I
Jalan 16/11, Seksyen 16, Off Jalan Damansara
46350 Petaling Jaya
Telephone :  +603 – 7954 9500 / Fax : +603 – 7954 9400

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